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What do we offer?

Premium Service

At Barambah Retreat, we understand how important your animal is to you. Rest assured that all guests in our care will receive premium service, premium care and premium diets. We do cater for guests that have specific dietary requirements on request.


Our grooming suite is available for all of our guests. On arrival, our guests are hydrobathed and dried on entry into their suite and receive a complimentary hydrobath just prior to your arrival to go home feeling amazing. To compliment this service, Barambah Retreat also offers a full range of grooming services on request.

Daily Monitoring

Our guests are weighed on entry into their suite, monitored daily including their food and water consumption, toileting, behaviour and weighed regularly. This ensures that your loved one is comfortable and happy whilst on holidays. We also have an affiliation with Barambah Veterinary Surgery with access to veterinary care 24 hours a day.

Surgical Holidays

Barambah Retreat offers surgical holidays to our guests. Barambah Retreat will shuttle your pet to Barambah Veterinary Surgery to have surgery whilst you are away. Your animal will have their surgery whilst receiving the highest level of care and you will be contacted throughout this process. Once recovered, your pet will be shuttled back to Barambah Retreat to recuperate under the watchful eye of trained personal just in time for your return.

Shuttle Services

Going away can be a very busy time. To assist our clients, Barambah Retreat offers a shuttle service to and from Barambah Veterinary Surgery located in the Kingaroy CBD.

Medical Conditions

Working in conjunction with Barambah Veterinary Surgery, means that we can cater for pets with medical conditions including monitoring, tableting and injections.

Trained Personnel

Barambah Retreat provides professional and trained boarding personnel to care for your pet whilst you are away.


Barambah Retreat offers daily rates for our guests that would like to be with us for the day.

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